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Wall-Mounted Knife Holder

Wall-Mounted Knife Holder

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💥 Versatile Utensil Holder : This magnetic knife strip can also be used for holding different kinds of kitchen utensils. It’s suitable for storing kitchen utensils, house tools, art supplies, keys, and more. You now have the absolute freedom to organize your essentials the way you want. Stylish and functional, it’s everything you need for your storage needs.

💥 Heavy Duty & Modern Design : Our knife bar has a fully magnetic, double-sided surface powered by strong magnets. You’ll never have to worry about cuts or nicks in your drawers or cabinets, or rummaging around to find the utensils you need. Our knife bar allows you to safely hang even your largest kitchen knives instantly and securely. It is also corrosion resistant and heat/fire resistant.

💥 Multi-Purpose : The the magnetic knife strip bar can fit into many nooks in your kitchen or workspace. Use it to hold knives, scissors, tools, keys etc.. Installed in a higher position ,keeping knives well out of the way of children.

💥  Space & Storage Organizer : Knife Magnetic Strip lets you hang your knives on the wall - saving valuable drawer space and providing more convenient access to your knives.

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